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The Rise of Blockchain

A discussion on Blockchain evolution, technology, security, e-business and creativity.


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Revolutionary Evolution

Blockchain is an evolutionary technology, born out of the overlapping domains of cryptography, networking, and data storage.  It is revolutionary for how it changes… everything.

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(Cyber) Security

Without privacy, we have no means to safely discuss dissenting opinions: we have no democracy.  The erosion of freedoms in the name of national security is damaging that which they seek to preserve.

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Fiction is the greatest lie one can tell; it can be spun without guilt, created without fact, and shared without limits.  Creative writing is a ventilation outlet for the overburdened brain.

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To trap creativity within rules, to wrap ideas in logic, to blend science and magic: that is technology.

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We live and work in a global economy; barriers are falling rapidly while innovation is spurring new ecosystems.

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If… Then… Else.  There is always an else, the exception case, the alternative, the bastard child.  This is the 5Ws + How else.

I invite you to join the discussion and share your thoughts: they matter.

The Discussion

Musings from the Digital Edge
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When is Cheryl’s Birthday? The Solution

Those who know me, know I love logic puzzles.  I always have a book of them around.

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What is the Digital Divide?

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely on the privileged side of the digital divide.  And you may be asking,...

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How to Use Colors in Bash Scripts Made Simple

Color can be added to a terminal window output in Bash scripts using escape codes. Note that the effects will...

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How to Use Arrays in Bash Made Simple

Bash may not be a full programming language, but it is a good scripting language and every scripting language needs...

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Understanding Bash Functions Made Simple

The Bash shell supports functions, although they are not as powerful as their programming language cousins.  This post is designed...

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How to Use a Remote Database with Web Platform Installer (WPI) in IIS

The Microsoft Web Platform Installer (WPI) is an essential tool for any IIS administrator. Not only does it let you install...

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How to Get Ping to Report Failure in Linux

Using ping to determine if a host is up is easy; but when you want to report that a host...

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How to Get your Current Fedora Version

To determine your current version of Fedora, use the following bash command:

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How to Clear the Windows DNS Cache

The Windows DNS Resolver will cache DNS lookups on your computer for the Time-To-Live period (TTL).  If you change your...

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Using the Wizdler Chrome Extension

Google Chrome has a great extension for accessing web services: Wizdler

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Switching Fedora Flavors – Changing the OS Product Type within the Same Version

Fedora Flavors Not to be confused with Spins, Fedora Flavors refer to the various product lines within the OS.  As...

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Site Revamp

A new look for the year ahead!  I’ve changed everything on this site to turn it into  a Rich Internet...