Switching Fedora Flavors – Changing the OS Product Type within the Same Version

Fedora Flavors

Not to be confused with Spins, Fedora Flavors refer to the various product lines within the OS.  As of Fedora 21, the Fedora OS was split into three products:

  1. Workstation – targeted to end-users with GUI;
  2. Server – designed to meet server needs (GUI or CLI); and
  3. Cloud – intended for deployment in cloud / data centers (usually under OpenStack).

There are lots of install guides online… this post isn’t about that.  It’s about the fastest / most convenient method to get a Fedora product / flavor.

For a New Install

  • Go to https://getfedora.org/
  • Select Server
    • Yes, select Server even if you want Worsktation or Cloud, you’ll switch later
  • Under “Netinstall Images” select your mode (you should be using a 64 bit image unless you are a special case)
    • Download the ISO, create bootable media, and start install
  • On the pre-install screen, select “Software Package” and choose your product (Workstation, Server, Cloud, other)
  • Install

For an Upgrade

  • Issue this command: (Note: the yum script currently automates more tasks than “fedup“)

$ yum install fedora-upgrade

  • After packages are downloaded, the fedora-upgrade script will ask you to choose product (Workstation, Server, Cloud)

To Swap Products

  • Currently Fedora 21 doesn’t support changing flavors… Fedora recommends a re-install (from the Fedora Wiki):

If I choose to upgrade to one of the products, can I move to another later?

Only a transition from cloud to server is supported. Use the script that is part of cloudtoserver package. If you are repurposing your system, a reinstallation is recommended for others

  • Note: there is a a script that will move from Cloud to Server, but currently that is the only swap supported.
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