Using the Wizdler Chrome Extension

Google Chrome has a great extension for accessing web services: Wizdler (you can find it here).

It’s a lightweight WSDL browser.  WSDL is the Web Services Description Languge, and it is used to describe functions that can be accessed remotely.

Let’s give it a try with everybody’s favourite web service, the currency convertor.  Because we all love to change money back and forth between global currencies all day long.  No, really.




  • Click the Wizdler icon will bring up a list of services:




  • You can use any method, but we’ll use the Soap 1.2 one (at the bottom, CurrencyConvertorSoap12).  Wzdler will now show the required parameters; in this case the parameters are strings and show up as “[string]“:




  • The wonderful thing about Wzdler, and the part that I feel makes it the most useful, is that it lets you set the parameter values directly in the XML and submit!
    • Find the first occurrence of “[String]” and replace it with “USD“, the US dollar currency symbol
    • Find the second one and replace it with “CDN“, the Canadian currency symbol




  • Hit “Go” and Wzdler will attempt to make the web service call for you.
    • The result is contained within the <ConversionRateResponse> XML tag


The result is that 1 USD equals 1.2694 CDN (at the time of this post).  Hey, aren’t Currency Conversion web services awesome?  No, really.

Well, they can be very useful when applied to large data sets, such as the price field in a product catelog.  An upcoming post will show how to use web services in Excel, and making them more useful.



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